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Web Hosting Explained: What New Business Owners Need to Know

Web Hosting Services

Technically, if there’s at least one computer in your business that’s always up and connected, you could serve your website right from it. The computer at your business would, in other words, would be “hosting” your website. This plan doesn’t work out well in practice, though, for a number of reasons: Internet service providers mostly prohibit website hosting, they tend …

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Why You Should Seriously Consider Cloud Hosting

Cloud Network

In terms of technological advancements fewer services have a better claim to fame than cloud hosting. This type of web hosting burst onto the scene and grabbed market share because of its ingenuity, ease of use, and scalability. Now, almost every web hosting provider in the business offers some form of cloud hosting, even if it’s just an acceleration app, …

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Top 5 Reasons Why Private cloud hosting is Required

Private cloud hosting

Private cloud hosting is a more effective way of using the cloud compared to dedicated hosting mainly because of the cost, although of course, there are other reasons as well. With a dedicated server, there is still a need for private hardware to be used if there is a need forprivacy, which can be a burden at times for the …

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5 Ways Big Data will Transform How We Work

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Along with cloud computing, big data is the biggest buzzword in the industry today. Big data refers to a collection of data so large and complex that it is difficult to process using the available database management tools. By processing, it means, storing, manipulating, capturing, analyzing etc. The processing of Big Data is done by specialized tools like Hadoop, which …

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