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Firefox: New Experimental Private Browsing and Add-ons

Firefox: New Experimental Private Browsing

Mozilla is testing new privacy settings in the browser Firefox. Here, the browser should not leave traces of user activity on a computer: no copies in the cache, no traces of your browsing history and cookies. The new Firefox privacy settings blocks online services that try to track the movement of the user on the Web pages and display contextual …

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Top free Android apps that are must-downloads

android apps

With each model launched, smartphones aim to revolutionize and improve the way these devices are used. Hardware improvements make it possible for these phones to do much more than they used to, but it really comes down to the apps to fully push their functionality to the limit. Without the proper apps to take advantage of the powerful hardware, a …

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Web Browser Firefox 24 is now available to download

The company Mozilla opened a public access to the new browser Firefox 24. Installed distributive of desktop Firefox 24 is available for the operating systems Windows, Mac and Linux platforms. From official sources it became known that the announcement of any changes in the new version will be released soon. Some features are available even in the beta version of …

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The release of Firefox 20

The Mozilla company presents its new browser Firefox 20 for Windows, Mac and Android, which implemented new security enhancements for users, as well as new features for developers, such as new features HTML5, getUserMedia support for cameras and microphones. Members Android, in turn, were supported by economical processors ARMv6. In Mozilla say that one of the major improvements Firefox 20 was …

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Preliminary version of Firefox for Windows 8

Mozilla yesterday took another step towards the delivery of “Metro”-version of the Firefox browser for the operating system Windows 8. Asa Dotzler, director of product Mozilla, said that the company released the latest preview of Firefox for Windows 8, focused on a limited use. After this release, the company is going to release publicly accessible version of Firefox for Windows …

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Mozilla Firefox is re-releasing 16

In Firefox 16.0.1 Fixes a vulnerability disclosure of sensitive data, because of which browser has been revoked. Mozilla has once again released the Firefox browser version 16, after the last application was withdrawn due to the presence of dangerous vulnerability. Recall that the developer put the latest version of Firefox installer from the official website of the company and announced …

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Critical vulnerability in Firefox 16

After just one day after the release of Firefox 16, Mozilla developers urgently recalled browser, temporarily removing it from the site and from an automatic update system. As reported in Mozilla, after the release of the sixteenth version of vulnerability was found that the company intends to close “as soon as possible.” Also in Mozilla said that while developers have …

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