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Uninstalling Free VPN Hola (Infographic)

Uninstalling Free VPN Hola

Infographic: Uninstalling Free VPN Hola Researchers warn: Free VPN Hola vulnerable to hacking The flaws were found in the Hola Chrome extension, Windows client, Android application and Firefox add-on. Yeah this program is a sad excuse for a VPN solution. Uninstall immediately. For it’s customers signing up for this free VPN service to try and protect your communications, anonymity, and …

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How To Make Your Technology Into A Personalised Fashion Statement

In this article, I have listed some tips to make your smartphone look more attractive and fashionable. A mobile phone is an incredibly personal item. Not only is it something that you carry with you at all times, but it’s also your gateway to the interne, the tool you use to communicate with friends, a note taking and organisational aid …

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