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Microsoft continues to innovate and bring popular devices to the market

Breaking Down Microsoft

Breaking Down the New Microsoft The software industry and technology in general, never stands still for a moment and unless you can adapt and evolve to these constant challenges, your business can soon lose valuable momentum. This reflects the task that faces the CEO of a behemoth corporation like Microsoft and a why many industry analysts seem to think that …

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Uninstalling Free VPN Hola (Infographic)

Uninstalling Free VPN Hola

Infographic: Uninstalling Free VPN Hola Researchers warn: Free VPN Hola vulnerable to hacking The flaws were found in the Hola Chrome extension, Windows client, Android application and Firefox add-on. Yeah this program is a sad excuse for a VPN solution. Uninstall immediately. For it’s customers signing up for this free VPN service to try and protect your communications, anonymity, and …

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Smart Crowdfunding: Your Complete Crowdfunding Campaign Checklist

Complete Crowdfunding Campaign Checklist

Grab Your Handy Infographics Checklist Kickstarter, perhaps, the most widely–known crowdfunding platform, boasts an impressive number of $529ml. in funds attracted during 2014. With over 25,000 of projects successfully funded within Kickstarter thousands of lives have changed once and for all… Thousands of people have found their path and are now moving forward in the direction they’ve been dreaming about. …

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Take This Quiz: Are You A Micromanager? (Infographic)

micromanager quiz

In business management, micromanagement is a management style whereby a manager closely observes or controls the work of subordinates or employees. Micromanagement generally has a negative connotation. While micromanagers may have good intentions, they ultimately have a negative impact on your performance and prevent you from professional growth.

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Components of a Successful Explainer Video Marketing Strategy

explainer video

A Forbes survey on Company executives and video clip or explainer videos usage uncovered that 75 % of all executives declared checking out work-related video clips on business websites at least as soon as a week. In the infographic published by Explainmyvideo, 64% of users are more likely to purchase from a website after watching an explainer video. As the …

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Who are the 5 Best Technology Minds on Twitter?

Best Technology Minds on Twitter

While Twitter is famed and credited for allowing individuals to connect on a level like never before, with so many people gathered in one place it can be difficult to know exactly whom you should be listening to.  Unsurprisingly for what is essentially a technology website, technology experts form a large part of the Twitter community, alongside the various news …

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