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Active@ Partition Recovery – an effective tool for data recovery

Active@ Partition Recovery

Those who are suffering from partition errors, need to be able to recover their valuable data – this can be done with the help of the Active@ Partition Recovery Utility. That said, let us to discuss the Active@ Partition Recovery Tool in more detail. Although Partition Recovery focuses on partition recovery operations (overwritten or damaged partition data), it is still …

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A step into the data recycling affordability with KillDisk Industrial

KillDisk Industrial

The arsenal of bulk data erasure is not that diverse when you take a look at the current product lineup under the microscope. A huge share of the market is still overpriced, while hardware solutions remain the focus of the high-end enterprises. The release of KillDisk Industrial took place just on time – the audience is willing to digest almost …

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A savvy data erasure conveyor at a bargain price

KillDisk Desktop

KillDisk Desktop comes with an extensive feature pack on its board allowing you to easily destroy data on your hard drives. The application supports a multitude of sanitation standards, including US DoD and HIPAA, and allows you to run wiping out procedures in a fully automatic mode. A combination of the most demanding features, simply stunning performance and unmatched affordability …

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Active@ UNDELETE will save your priceless megabytes of data

Active@ UNDELETE Software

Here’s the tool working wonders when your system refuses to boot up. Active@ UNDELETE is the tool you will hardly be playing around with regularly, but it will come to the rescue the day your hard drive will let you down (we are knocking on wood). OK, you are probably in the process of transition to cloud-based storages, but we …

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