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Mozilla working to port Unreal Engine 3 to web format

Mozilla Firefox

The developers of the Mozilla want the Web has become a platform that is suitable for any purpose. From these considerations the company invests in Firefox OS, and fights with various platformal restrictions, in parallel with the web standard support for WebGL and three-dimensional graphics in the browser. Mozilla has recently presented a tool for C + + programming Emscripten, …

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Mozilla: full-fledged video games in the browser

Mozilla browser game

The company Mozilla introduced the technology ASM.js, which, in the opinion of its developers, will create a web-application that rivals the performance of traditional programs written in traditional languages ??for target operating systems. This technology, more precisely, a set of software components that provides tools to optimize the code in JavaScript. According to its own assessment of the developers, now …

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Preliminary version of Firefox for Windows 8

Mozilla yesterday took another step towards the delivery of “Metro”-version of the Firefox browser for the operating system Windows 8. Asa Dotzler, director of product Mozilla, said that the company released the latest preview of Firefox for Windows 8, focused on a limited use. After this release, the company is going to release publicly accessible version of Firefox for Windows …

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