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NOTE: Due to an overwhelming number of requests, We accept guest posts (including advertising articles) only from a limited number of writers. Also We have done some changes in our guidelines for free guest posting:

– anchor text can be only a domain name;
– one link in ‘Article Body’ or in ‘Author Bio’.

Rules For Guest Posting

Guest posting opportunity is open for Softwaregold.net Blog. If anyone wants to make a “Guest post” in our blog then he or she must need to follow the below guidelines:


1. Article must be unique and at least have 600 words.

2. You must provide 1-2 high quality images (size: min width 250px). If you want to submit multiple images then all the pictures should have same size.

If you full-fill the above criteria then your article will be published within 2-4 business days.

WARNING: We accept only interesting guest posts (tips, destinations, motivational, etc.) but we will link ONLY to personal pages or other blogs, no commercial pages (shops, commercial website, affiliate links, etc), for this we will ask for a payment.


1. You will get backlink from our blog.

2. Your article will get maximum exposure. (We immediately share your article in Google+, Facebook, LinkedIn, Stumbleupon and Twitter)

3. People will know about your blog if you are running one.

Rules For Sponsored (ADVERTISING) Articles

Our fee for this is US$80 if you want us to write this post for you. Otherwise it’s US$30 if you’d like to provide your own post and this will be edited and checked by our editor before publishing. WARNING: ‘REL=NOFOLLOW’ will be added to all outgoing links.


1. Article must not be published anywhere else.
2. Article must be unique and at least have 400 words.
3. Well written, clean grammar.
4. Min one image must be supplied (min width 250px)
6. No adult themes or junk site links.

IMPORTANT: We reserve the right to remove links from your articles (or add nofollow attribute) at any time, in the case of the imposition of sanctions to our website by the search engines.

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