What Managers Need to Know About IT in 2020

IT in 2020

All managers will likely be better at managing than they are at solving complex digital issues or finding the best digital software to help their business grow. This is only natural; early in your career, you specialize – and if you’ve not taken the career path of an IT professional, it’s unlikely you’ll have schooled yourself in this field of knowledge. Nonetheless, with the digital world increasingly facilitating all areas of business, and new technologies emerging daily to help businesses grow, this article aims to show you what you should know about, as a manager, to help your business’s IT infrastructure in 2020.


First up is automation. This may be a word that you associated with the production line more than the office – but in truth, the opposite can be said to be true in 2020. With more and more software being produced to help you manage your digital messaging and data storage automatically, the manual jobs that your staff members currently perform are likely to be performed by automated software solutions in the near future. Hop onto this trend early to see productivity benefits for your business.


Your firm is always under threat from cyberattacks. These can come from conscious bad actors, who choose to attempt to find the weak spots in your datasets and your communication platforms, but it can also come from latent and dormant software, which is activated by a download within your network. In either case, these attacks can be incredibly damaging. It’s your job to familiarize yourself with malware detection steps to protect your business from online harms, and to teach yourself and your staff how to best respond to threats and attacks as they develop. You can visit FraudWatch International to enlist the help of a cybersecurity agency.


The field of digital marketing has been one of the fastest-moving digital fields in recent years. That’s driven, in part, by the gigantic data banks owned by the largest digital companies in the world – the likes of Facebook, Amazon, and Google. All of these advertising platforms have enough data to help you micro-target consumers, which can help you to drum up more custom on a granular level, instead of shooting from the hip with your advertising budget. Use your new-found knowledge in digital marketing to gain more followers and to bring more custom to your website and to your brand.

The Cloud

While cloud computing has been around for over a decade, this is the moment to truly harness its power. As your workers may well be working remotely at the moment – and, if not, they may be demanding it for the future – it’s crucial that you’re able to provide the IT infrastructure that they need in order to access files and communication platforms remotely. The cloud is the solution to these requirements and is likely to be a huge feature of work as we head from 2020 into the next years of this new decade.

As a manager, it’s your responsibility to school yourself in the benefits of the digital solutions presented above in order for you to make informed decisions about the digital future of your brand.

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